What Exactly is Realtime?

Realtime is essentially the streaming of a deposition’s text at the exact moment it is taking place. With realtime you are able to view the testimony live as it occurs on the computer screen in front of you.  And not only do you get a streaming view of the testimony, you also have the ability to navigate the transcript.  This navigation tool includes word search capability to quickly find exactly what you are looking for, highlighting technology to mark what you would like to reference later, a note taking function enabling you to jot down observations within or alongside the text, and a stop and start feature to halt the page you are on until you are ready to start the streaming testimony once again on your individual computer screen.  With the right access, you can even live-chat with your co-counsel about a statement without anyone else being able to access your comments. The opportunities are endless!
Realtime works by hooking into the court reporter’s computer using CAT, Computer Aided Technology.  Some of the methods to gain real-time access include connection via serial/USB cable, WiFi, software download, token and password authorization, and the list goes on.  There are a myriad of possibilities on how to connect to the court reporter’s realtime transcription, depending on which software you prefer and what features you can’t live without.  The number of users that are able to log into the realtime feed at any given moment is unlimited.Feeling lost on exactly how to access a deposition in realtime?  Let our instructors help with a free, yes FREE, 15-minute tutorial!  They can stop by at your convenience to assist you with the realtime software and help you gain the knowledge of this exciting technology.Ever heard of the term “Lit-Connect“? Realtime is one of Capital Reporting Company‘s Lit-Connect features that is interactive, beneficial, and best of all, easy to use.  In fact, you can even access it from the comfort of your very own home or office.  Just ask us about our Video Streaming capability, also a lit-connect service we provide to our clients upon request!