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What Is a Deposition?

When an injury victim files a lawsuit, the insurance company for the person or business that has been sued will hire a lawyer. The lawyers for the injury victim, like a personal injury lawyer Atlanta, GA relies on, and the insurance company will then gather evidence to prepare for trial. Lawyers generally gather evidence in […]

What Is A Deposition?

In a few words, a deposition is court testimony that takes place outside a courtroom.  After the witness swears to tell the truth, a stenographer (court reporter) transcribes everything said by everyone present as attorneys from all sides can ask questions.  There is no judge, however. While attorneys can object to questions, witnesses must truthfully […]

3 reasons to videotape a deposition

Many times, attorneys attempt to keep the costs of litigation low, and in doing so, they will skip out on important tasks.  One of these important tasks is the need to videotape every deposition taken.  Many experts have evolved on the videotaping of depositions to the point where it seems to be common knowledge now […]

Depositions 101: The Basics and Ground Rules

If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit you may be required have your deposition taken, as a personal injury lawyer Newport Beach CA trusts can explain. A deposition is an interview between yourself and a lawyer from the opposing side. During a deposition, the lawyer has the opportunity obtain your testimony through a […]

3 Reasons To Use Video Depositions

Video depositions can be invaluable for legal professionals and their clients. The increased capabilities of video technology has made it even easier for lawyers to access enhanced deposition resources and to use video depositions in their cases. There are several reasons why lawyers across the country have begun relying heavily on this technology over the […]

Depositions 101: What you need to know

As every experienced trial auto accident lawyer New York, NY knows, the deposition a very important discovery device in the litigation process of a personal injury matter. A deposition can single handedly determine the outcome of a trial or the ultimate settlement value of a case. The attorney must not only be aware of deposition […]