Who Do Court Reporters Work For?

Are you wondering where to find a great court reporter in Washington D.C.? Maybe you are wondering, “Who do court reporters work for?” The answer varies between independent reporters, and government employee reporters. Court reporters mostly work for government officials in government courtrooms, although many also work freelance throughout the country. At Capital Reporting Company, we have thousands of court reporters located all over the world, dedicated to our team, that are well versed in all court proceedings. Not only do we have professional court reporters in Washington D.C. ready 24/7, we offer videoconference rooms in Washington D.C., legal translation in Washington D.C., and deposition services in Washington D.C. All of our services are available 24/7, all over the world via our Capital Reporting Company Portal, which allows our clients access anything and anyone involved in their cases no matter where they are. If you need a court reporter in Washington D.C., choosing one from Capital Reporting Company won’t be a disappointment, as we were voted the Best Overall Providers of Court Reporters and Deposition Services in the National Law Journal/Legal Times by our clients.

We only hire the best, meaning any court reporter in Washington D.C. you hire from Capital Reporting Company will get the job done right, the first time. We have over 3,500 court reporters all over the world, making Capital Reporting Company a leader in comprehensive litigation support. All of our court reporters can type 225 words a minute, with 95% accuracy or more, using the most advanced technology to enhance their proficiency.  Many lawyers who need a court reporter in Washington D.C., also need services such as videoconference rooms in Washington D.C., legal translation service in Washington D.C., and other deposition services in Washington D.C.  All of these services make it easier and more efficient for our legal clients to do their jobs, and make sure their information is correct and available to their clients. Capital Reporting Company knows how stressful it can be to keep track of everything, and to make sure your court proceedings are properly managed and documented. Let a court reporter in Washington D.C. from our services help you stay on track, and keep your clients and cases organized and accounted for.

Court Reporting Meets The Film Industry: News from our San Francisco Court Reporting Company

With decades of experience in the court reporting industry, our San Francisco court reporting company is very excited to hear about an upcoming film, For the Record.This documentary about court reporting has had three packed screenings at the South by Southwest festival, and many other private screenings around the country.

Director and producer Marc Greenberg has decades of experience in the film and court reporting industry, and is marrying his two passions, drawing attention to our fascinating but often unrecognized profession. The premise of For the Record is simple: the film follows three competitors attempting to break the Guinness World Record for fastest court reporter. A qualified court reporter– like our court reporters in San Francisco— is required to write at a rate of 225 words per minute. However, these “steno-lebrities” (a nickname given to renowned court reporters) are aiming to transcribe 400 words in a single minute. Regular conversational speech averages 160 words per minute, so the reporters competing in this event must take their dictation from a sped-up voice recording.

In a recent South by Southwest interview, Greenberg and two of his documentary subjects, Richard and Michael Scire, described what makes court reporting such a fascinating profession. For instance, Greenberg notes that during a State of the Union address, the court reporter is the person sitting closest to the president, albeit very quietly. “It’s such an important profession,” Greenberg says. “And yet no one knows about it.” We at Capital Reporting Company may disagree with that statement, seeing as we serve over 10,000 clients around the world!

The Scires, twin brothers and court reporters in Florida, discuss the many interesting facets of the court reporting industry. Court reporters act as a sort of fly on the proverbial wall, and every professional is, at some point, witness to some court room or deposition drama. However, as the Scire twins explain, a good court reporter is discreet. “It is public record. But it is not our record to make public.” Court reporters spend much of their days around high-stakes, high emotion situations, and there are times when the job can be emotionally difficult. For the Record appears to focus on the human element behind the machines. This is understandable, as it may be decades or even longer before people are removed from the court reporting process.

As long as court reporters are needed, there will be records to break and more for us to learn. Our court reporters in San Francisco are always looking for new insights into our profession, and we certainly cannot wait to see what this documentary has to show us!

Capital is now a subsidiary of Veritext Legal Solutions

Exciting news! Capital is now a subsidiary of Veritext Legal Solutions, the national leader in court reporting and deposition services.

What this means:

  • Capital can now bring many new and improved services to you including online scheduling, remote deposition technology (including exhibit and transcript annotation), unique exhibit technology and much much more.
  • Capital can now better serve you across the U.S., providing you with consistent and reliable service anytime and anywhere.
  • For existing clients, Capital vetted reporters will continue to take your depositions…you will have the same quality reporters covering your depositions that you’ve always had.
  • In a nutshell, nothing is really changing except the fact that Capital now has improved resources to better serve our clients!

Capital and Veritext share a commitment to quality, comprehensive court reporting and deposition services across the nation. This is truly a perfect match for our court reporting company and its clients. We are very excited to be a part of the Veritext team. As always, if you have any questions about your deposition services, you may reach out to Capital via phone or web.