Videoconferencing & Conference Rooms

Wherever you are, Capital Reporting Company makes it easy for you to connect to your clients, opposing counsel, and witnesses. Do you have a deposition in San Francisco but are busy in Washington DC and don’t have the time to travel across the country? Perhaps you want just one more meeting with your expert witness but don’t want to spend the time and money an in-person meeting would cost. Our videoconferencing services can save you time and travel expenses and hassles by allowing you to speak with whomever you desire, whenever you wish, wherever you, or he/she is located. Litigation is complex and time consuming enough without having to worry about distance and time zones. Combined with our expert case management and our 24/7 online portal , Capital’s videoconferencing services gives you all you need right at your needs at your fingertip, often without having to leave your office! Simply tell us where you need to be and we arrange the rest—no matter where, no matter when.

Capital Reporting Company uses state-of-the-art technology. Our ISDN and IP calling capabilities make for clear audio transmission and we offer full or split screen views, streaming audio and video, recording and playback videos. When you use our services, it’s as close as you can get to a face-to-face meeting-without all the travel hassles, the cost, and the time consumption.

Capital Reporting Company also offers conference rooms when and where you need them. If you are searching for a neutral, private, professional conference room to hold your deposition or meeting, look no further than our national court reporting company. Rather than scrambling for a suitable deposition and/or meeting space or having your support staff spend hours identifying and reserving such a space, entrust that task to an established court reporting company. When you allow Capital Reporting Company to handle your logistical needs, you have more time to focus on the substance of the underlying matter.

Whether you need a space for an hour, a day or several days, Capital can accommodate you. We are present in all major metropolitan areas and, if we do not have an office or conference room near to your deposition’s location, we can surely use our extensive network to find an appropriate setting nearby.

Allow Capital Reporting Company to be your one-stop-shop for all of your court reporting needs: wherever, whenever. Contact us today to learn more about our videoconferencing and conference room availability.

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