Case Management

Capital Reporting Company understands that logistics play a major role in the scheduling of depositions. Whether it is trying to get all parties and witnesses in the same room at the same time or whether hi -tech solutions are needed in lieu of that, or any of the countless other details with which lawyers and their teams contend—Capital is here to help.  Our professional case management services team is dedicated to helping you stay organized. If you have a deposition in Washington DC, a videoconference in Chicago or anywhere in the US or abroad, our case managers will ensure your needs are met: from authorizing the assignment of excellent court reporters and skilled videographers to confirming comfortable conference room spaces.

Once you schedule a court reporter with us, one of our professional case managers will reach out to you and your key staff members. Our case managers love to meet our clients in person so a face-to-face meeting is always requested and hoped for—should it fit into your schedule. From there, our case managers assess and address your specific needs, staying with you every step of the way. One key step in our service plan is the provision of a personalized, case specific standing order. Your case manager will also guide you as you navigate your custom client webpage, Lit-connect. From this webpage, you can manage invoices, schedule depositions and view transcripts. If your practice requires a lot of travel, simply log-on to read or download your deposition rather than lugging them in your carry-on bag. You can even download them to your smartphone or tablet using the free mobile transcript app.

If your deposition needs cover multiple regions, your case manager will ensure that all court reporters covering your litigation are up to speed on special vocabulary or details relevant to the court reporting needs of the case. It is always our goal to keep the number of reporters on a matter to a minimum. If you have 10 depositions in California and 5 in Chicago and another 5 in New York, all on the same matter, our goal is to assign the same reporter per city each time you appear. We understand the benefits of a consistent and familiar court reporting team.

If you are looking for the most professional, comprehensive service a court reporting company has to offer, schedule a deposition or call Capital Reporting Company at 800-655-3679. You’ll very soon see why over 10,000 clients have voted us one of the Best Overall Providers of Court Reporting and Deposition Services for the last three years.

DC Case Management
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