Case Management


Capital Reporting Company® recognizes that your deposition work may take you all over the nation, or even overseas. Don’t stress! Capital can handle all of your deposition needs, no matter where they are being held. We have hundreds of qualified court reporters, videographers, and interpreters nationwide to assist you with this process. With offices on both coasts, we have all time zones covered! And we make it easy for you! A case manager will be assigned to your case, and will be your go-to person throughout the life of your case.

Prior to your depositions, your case manager will set up a ten minute meeting with your key staff to review your specific needs. Once we determine what services are best suited for your case, your case manager will create for you and your team a customized, case specific standing order. Additionally, they will walk you through your very own client only webpage that will allow you to have 24/7 access to your schedule, invoices, and online transcripts. Traveling across the nation and don’t feel like carrying your 400 page transcript? No problem! Just download a new copy once you arrive to your destination.

After determining all of your needs, Capital will work with you in order to provide smooth and consistent service through the life of the case.  No one likes seeing a new court reporter each day.  Our goal is to keep the number of reporters on each case to a minimum.  For those cases with multiple reporters (i.e., cases that need expedited service), Capital will take the necessary steps to ensure continuity.  Page numbers, word lists, and exhibit numbers are usually provided to reporters before they walk in the door.