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A court reporter Atlanta attorneys trust may make the key difference in the success of a deposition. In addition to the oral evidence captured, a deposition video can capture evidence that is revealed during questioning. An Atlanta court reporter from Capital Reporting Company may fully explain the benefits of using a videographer during a deposition.

What Is a Deposition Video?

When attorneys prepare their case for trial, they often will depose potential witnesses in order to uncover and/or confirm evidence. A deposition takes place out of the courtroom. It is captured in writing by a court reporter Atlanta law firms trust and is often used during trial for discovery. A deposition video not only records the question and answers that take place between the attorney and witness during the actual deposition, it also records the witnesses’ reactions to those questions, such as facial expressions and mannerisms, in a way paper transcription just cannot provide.

Why Video Record a Deposition?

The main purposes of a deposition are to gather evidence and impeach witnesses. A court reporter Atlanta clients rely on may be aware of multiple situations where an attorney has been able to garner evidence from a witness that was later used to win the case for the attorney’s client.

In some depositions, the person being deposed is unaware or unprepared as to what questions the attorney will ask and so they may answer in a more impulsive way. By the time a case goes to trial, not only has the witness already experienced at least one round of questioning by the attorney (in the deposition), they may have gone through some type of preparation with the opposing side’s attorney.

Having statements the witness makes on video preserves the statements they make in the event that witnesses try to change their testimony during trial. A jury may find a video of the witness contradicting themselves much more powerful than just the statement or statements being read from the original deposition transcripts into the court record.

Another benefit to having the deposition recorded is that it enables other parties to review the deposition testimony. Legal staff or consultants who are also working on the case will be able to watch the witnesses as they are giving his or her testimony and may be able to glean additional information that will help the client’s case.

A court reporter in Atlanta, GA also know that having a deposition video recorded also preserves the testimony of the witness in the event something should happen to that witness before the trial, such as the witness falling ill, disappearing, or is unable to testify for some other reason.

Let a Court Reporter Atlanta Lawyers Trust

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