To best secure an accurate record of your deposition, you may wish to have on hand, in addition to a court reporter, a videographer. Our nationwide court reporting company can provide you with certified, expert videographers. Our videographers use the latest technology to give you the highest quality video of your deposition. We can offer you this footage in your choice of format including DVD, MPEG1, MPEG4, or synchronized to the text with hyperlinked exhibits.

Remote video streaming services are also available. Internet streaming technology allows users to conveniently receive real-time streaming text and video from anywhere in the world. This means you can take your deposition in Chicago while your expert logs in from his or her office in Manhattan to view a simultaneous feed of the proceedings.

There are many advantages to using a deposition videographer. For example, if a witness passes away or falls ill during a case, the attorney will have access to unambiguous visual recordings of his or her testimony. In some jurisdictions, an expert witness’s testimony may be presented by video, even if that witness is available for in-person testimony.

Videographers can also be utilized to keep deponents honest, as video testimony can be used to impeach a witness who is caught committing perjury. If a witness makes unequivocally different statements in a courtroom from those made in the video, an attorney can show this discrepancy with greater impact on video than with a transcript. Lastly, litigants and attorneys tend to be more cooperative and less disruptive when they are conscious of a camera in the room, allowing your procedure to move faster, saving time and money.

Capital Reporting Company can offer these important services at competitive, transparent rates. You won’t see any surprise fees on your invoice. In fact, you may be eligible for a discount if you schedule multiple depositions with us or utilize our services for a pro bono case.

Contact our court reporting company today to learn more about our expert videography services.

Court Videography Chicago
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