Capital Reporting Company® invests heavily in technology that will make your case stress-free (well, at least on the court reporting side). You, and your support staff, will have dedicated access to our Lit-Connect© suite, which includes a client-only website, where you can view your calendar, download transcripts, and schedule upcoming depositions, all at the click of a button. If you are handling a deposition in Chicago, and need to check a transcript you took in New York, just log online and you can find it within minutes. Capital provides all of these services free of charge!

To get started with Lit-Connect, just contact our office to obtain a user-name and password or Click Here. Once you obtain a User ID and Password from Capital Reporting Company®, you can access all of this information online, any time of the day, free of charge. And don’t worry – all of your information and documents are protected with firewalls, user IDs and encryption. Only you will have access!

If you are looking for more extensive online case management and document review capabilities, Capital offers our clients a subscription-based case management software that allows you to upload files, and organize everything for a case in one convenient location. Please contact us to set-up a free demo!

Visionary Viewer Download
Click on the link above to begin viewing your transcripts electronically. It is free to download and use the software.

Click here to learn more about fully utilizing your transcripts on your mobile device or iPad via the Mobile Transcript app.