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3 Reasons To Use Video Depositions

Video depositions can be invaluable for legal professionals and their clients. The increased capabilities of video technology has made it even easier for lawyers to access enhanced deposition resources and to use video depositions in their cases. There are several reasons why lawyers across the country have begun relying heavily on this technology over the […]

Depositions 101: What you need to know

As every experienced trial auto accident lawyer New York, NY knows, the deposition a very important discovery device in the litigation process of a personal injury matter. A deposition can single handedly determine the outcome of a trial or the ultimate settlement value of a case. The attorney must not only be aware of deposition […]

I’m about to have my deposition taken. What should I know?

First, you should know that you will be asked about the preparation itself, as if it’s being insinuated that your lawyer is instructing or coaching you how to answer questions on your case. The most important thing to do in a deposition is listen.  Listen to the question be asked.  Don’t anticipate, don’t assume, and […]

3 Key Business Relationships for an Attorney to Build

Building Relationships As Roseville CA estate planning attorneys, the relationships we build with clients can be pivotal to our success. However, there are many other professional bonds we must foster to conduct business successfully. Below are three business relationships we should all consider strengthening to excel in our practices. Couriers Trusting an experienced courier service to […]

Celebrity Video Depositions: Respect for the System?

Depositions are a key part of the discovery process in civil lawsuits and generally make the headlines in high profile cases of celebrity legal news. Most of us have a sense of what a deposition is. After all, we’ve seen them on TV and in films. In fact, in the Facebook movie, the Social Network, […]

5 Key Questions to Ask in a Divorce Deposition

Many divorce lawyers conduct depositions of opposing parties to discover important information prior to trial.  A deposition is a sworn statement taken out-of-court before a court reporter.  If desired, a transcript of the testimony can be prepared and used later at the trial to impeach or discredit the opposing party if their statements vary from […]

How Depositions Can Make or Break Your Personal Injury Case

When in need of a great court reporter Washington DC businesses trust and respect, Capital Reporting Company has become one of the top choices for reliable reporting and deposition services. In our experience, the goals of many personal injury case deposition are simple: the lawyer wants to get an accurate and complete picture of what […]

Who Do Court Reporters Work For?

Court Reporter Washington DC Are you wondering where to find a great court reporter in Washington D.C.? Maybe you are wondering, “Who do court reporters work for?” The answer varies between independent reporters, and government employee reporters. Court reporters mostly work for government officials in government courtrooms, although many also work freelance throughout the country. […]